In Touch Befrienders

The befriending service offered is called “In Touch” and is registered through Befrienders Worldwide which operates in over 38 countries in the world.


It is operated by Cyprus Samaritans listening volunteers who have volunteered to be In Touch as well, not all Cyprus Samaritans Listening volunteers are “In Touch” volunteers.


“In Touch” has its own dedicated phone number 99091614 and anyone who would like to make use of the service only needs to ring this number once. All other calls are generated by the “In Touch” volunteers.


Having no one to talk to can make you feel isolated and alone. Talking to one of our friendly, trained volunteers at a time to suit you can make all the difference to your day.


Calls are made by our volunteers at the time and day that the recipient would like, the topics of the calls are chosen by the recipients as is the length of call.


The “In Touch” system has been running for over 2 years, and we still have recipients we still call on a weekly basis.


We try to allocate 2 volunteers to each recipient so that relationships can be built up if required. The calls can be stopped, time/day/date changed, calls suspended and anything else solely dependent on the wishes of the recipient.


We have received positive feedback from those using this befriending


If you or someone you know would like us to phone, then why not arrange a regular “In Touch call” from our befriending team. To obtain more information or to make an arrangement phone 99091614.


All calls are confidential.


A simple friendly call can change lives”